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In 1971 a great looking car caught my eye. It was a Renault 12 Sdn. Two years later we purchased a R12 Station wagon. This was the beginning of my French Affairs. Seven years and 84,000 trouble free miles later we reluctantly parted company. The most amazing thing about the car was that a friend who was a 'big' car man (Monaro) was so impressed when he couldn't keep up with me on a winding gravel track one afternoon, he went out and bought a Renault.

After 20 years of boring practicality and 500,000kms in two Mazda E2200 vans I got a "real" car again - a Peugeot 406 HDi Sedan. For the past eight years this has been an absolute joy to drive. Comfortable and a great cruiser. I've managed 130,000 km at 59mpg as most of my driving is longer distance.
Over this period we have also had two 307 HDi (2.0 and now 1.6) Good cars but not as good as the 406 and for the price difference one would hope so.

In May 1970 while hitching along the Sturt Hwy I had a ride in a new Citroen DS. What a car! I want one of them! Cost however thwarted that desire. Until now - entering my second childhood I've decided to SKI (Spend Kids Inheritance) and buy the DS I've always wanted. The search begins.

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